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  1. My son and I would like to thank Dr. Fangman and his awesome staff for such a “pain-free” experience. My 13 year-old son was really anxious when he learned that he had to get oral surgery to remove impacted teeth that were growing the wrong direction. It was an invasive procedure but Dr. Fangman and his kind assistants made sure my son was comfortable from beginning to end, no pain at all! They even called hours later to check on him to keep him comfortable as he healed. Dr. Fangman is great! He is so relatable making sure all of our questions were adequately answered and that we were comfortable to move ahead. He definitely knows what he is doing and he cares. My son’s surgery was over in an hour and when we got back to the car, he was so relieved at how easy it all was, that he told me that he wanted to tell the doctor and assistants thank you again (smile). Many thanks to the wonderful people at Altitude for making our experience very pleasant!

  2. I am so thankful I went to Altitude Oral Maxillofacial Implant Center. Dr. Fangman and his staff are excellent, the office is very clean, and my extraction was quick and painless. I couldn’t have had a better experience. Thank you Dr. Fangman!

  3. I took my 2 sons to get their wisdom teeth and i had a very pleasant experience. The staff was very nice to my family. The doctors made the boys feel comfortable and safe. My boys both said they liked Dr. Fangman and how the way he works. Both of their surgery’s went very well and are making a fast recovery. I would definitely recommend Altitude Oral and the way they work. So thank you again for the time and effort spent on making our experience enjoyable.

    • Dr. Fangman says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. We really appreciate it! We are pleased you had a pleasant experience. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call me.

  4. Dr. Fangman and his staff have taken care of me from the moment I called inquiring about wisdom teeth extraction, to the few days after the surgery. Everyone has been so nice, understanding, and really helped calm me down right before the surgery began. There has been a couple of concerns since I got back home, but Dr. Fangman kept his word and answers my questions no matter what time of day I am calling. Thank you for making the surgery as painless as possible, and helping me through the aftermath even when you are not obligated to!

  5. My 5 year old needed to have 2 molars extracted because the permanent molars that were supposed to come in behind the baby molars were too far forward and coming in on top of the baby molars. We met with Dr Fangman and discussed the procedure to extract the teeth under sedation. I was very nervous to have her sedated but Dr Fangman explained to me the benefits would be more positive for my 5 year olds experience. He made the whole process a calm experience, talking us through each step of the procedure.. He gave us all a little cup of juice but my daughters had the sedation medicine in it. The staff kept me updated through the very quick procedure. Thank you for making this a much easier experience.

  6. I will be eternally greatful to Dr Fangman and his awesome team, for the services they provided, and the kindness and compassion they showed me. You are an absolute # 1 in my book and I will share my amazing experience.
    Dr Fangman, Stephanie, Renea, Janna and Maria, thank you so very much – love you guys

  7. I was very nervous about seeing “another” Oral Surgeon, since I had been denied service by four others. These other Oral Surgeons had refused to extract 2 teeth for reasons ranging from my mouth is too small to the fact that I would not allow anyone to lay me flat during the procedure because it affected my ability to breathe. From the very beginning, Dr. Fangman and his staff put me entirely at ease. I was told everyone sits up, no one is made to lay flat, and that he felt there was plenty of room to work. There was absolutely no pain at anytime during the injections or extractions. We actually had a great conversation during the extractions, and how many Oral Surgeons will make you laugh before, during and after the process? Dr. Fangman called me yesterday afternoon to check on how I felt. Minimal swelling, no pain at all, and I slept very well. I am a firm believer in giving people referrals for outstanding service, and if you can possibly get to their clinics, don’t waste your time going anywhere else. Outstanding staff from beginning to end, and an Oral Surgeon one can only hope to encounter. I will definitely go back there for any of the professional services their clinic provides.

  8. I am amazed at the level of advanced professional service I received from Dr. Fangman and his incredible staff. This team of professionals will take care of you like family. They are all very kind and compassionate and make certain you are well taken care of through the entire experience. I am so pleased with my visit.

    It’s worth mentioning that I had 5 extractions yesterday and I am not even sore. I am shocked that I don’t even need Tylenol. I will be back for bone graphs but before I had the experience yesterday at Altitude LoDo I was not even considering bone graphs. I was far too frightened about the procedure. Dr. Fangman and his staff is incredible. I appreciate them far more than words can express.

    Thank you Dr. Fangman for being the best in your field! I am no longer scared as long as I am under the care of your team. You guys are truly the BEST!

    Kind regards,
    Kay Jacobs

  9. I was so nervous to get my Wisdom teeth pulled but to my surprise everybody in the office made me feel
    So comfortable and safe. The entire team showed compassion as they explained everything clearly, the level of professionalism was superb! A very positive environment. Dr. Fangman is extremely knowledgable and a talented oral surgeon. I haven’t had any pain so far after having 4 wisdom teeth pulled, to say the least I’m impressed in every way. Thank you to your entire team for making my experience so pleasant. I had no idea what I was walking into as this was a referral from my dentist. I will recommend you to all my friends and family.

    • Dr. Fangman says:

      Thank you very much for your review, we are pleased you had a pleasant experience. Please let us know if you need anything.

  10. I came in for some testing and was completely impressed by the service and quality at Dr. Fangman’s office! Everyone was incredibly kind, helpful, efficient, courteous and the office is super clean and pretty. Scheduling with them was super easy and the communication was excellent. I felt like I was in great hands with Dr. Fangman, he took the time to really listen to all of my concerns and figure out the best plan of action for me. I highly recommend Altitude Oral Center!

  11. I thought good customer service and
    professionalism of this level are a thing of the past.
    I was so impressed with Dr Fangman and team that
    I am almost speechless. But something has to be said,
    this is truly a jewel of Denver. Never thought I would say this
    about a place where I would have tooth extracted, but two weeks
    after my procedure I keep remembering how I welcome
    and safe I felt. All of my questions were answered timely and
    Dr Fangman did an excellent job, which is probably
    why I have healed so fast.
    I just want to say how grateful I am to you all,
    you have my highest recommendations.

    • Dr. Fangman says:

      Thank you for your kink words. We do our very best to be sure people have a pleasant experience at our office. Thanks again for taking the time to leave a comment, we really appreciate it.

  12. Everything said by so many grateful patients is absolutely true. I was ashamed and petrified.the phone call was the hardest part, yet soon into the conversation, I was relaxing! I have some pretty serious issues, but shame is not one anymore thanks to everyone there. And as far as the Doctor, I really, really can’t say enough. He is the angel I needed, such a kind,yet professional thorough man. The world could use more of his kind!

  13. Getting teeth pulled is never fun but I can say my experience couldn’t have been better. Staff were all super nice and doc was gental with a fast painless procedure. Thank again everyone!!!

  14. I have never left a comment before but because of Dr. Fangman professionalism it was worth my time to do so. My sixteen year old Son had an appointment to have his four of his wisdom teeth extracted by Dr Fangman. Dr. Fangman met with my son and talked to him and explained what was going to be done. During their disscussion Dr. Fangman found out that my Son had drank a glass of water that morning when he first awoke and Dr. Fangman politely said we are going to wait to be on the safe side before starting the procedure. Dr Fangman was very polite and did not come across put out that we have now rescheduled his busy day and never made my Son or myself feel bad because of my Sons morning routine of drinking a glass of water. Dr Fangman and his staff continued on with their busy day and made us feel very comfortable. Of course the extractions of my Sons wisdom teeth went well and I’m thankful to Dr Fangman and his staff for their proffesionalism and a welcoming and comforting place to take care of a once and a life time procedure. We will be back if we ever a Oral Surgeon again.

    • Dr. Fangman says:

      Thank you JM (used your initials to protect your privacy) very much for your comment. We thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help out.

  15. Dr. Fangman is truly passionate about the work he provides. He also honestly cares about the treatment and recovery of his patients. He is honest and upfront about procedures so you don’t have any “surprises.” I have never felt like I am “just another patient” or rushed in and out. His staff is absolutely wonderful and always available with any information you need without even asking for it. I would not, and have not, hesitated to recommend Dr. Fangman and his staff.

  16. Dr fangman was by far one of the best dentist I’ve had. along with everybody at the altitude location,I didn’t once feel uncomfortable or like a secondary patient… well appreciated!

  17. Having had the poor luck of having genetically bad teeth,and having been in multiple accidents causing major tooth damage,also resulting in the inability to work, ive run the gauntlet of oral surgeons alot of them at the top of their proffesion. Dr.Fangman is absolutely the best. From his office manager(Stephanie) who is amazing and caring and super quick to respond to any questions or needs and help with insurance and billing questions,to his surgery technicians who are great even at the little things like asking what type of music you’d like put on while under IV sedation no less! Having had 3 or 4 MAJOR SURGERIES done in the last year a d many more to come(im getting full mouth implants upper and lower) i can say i will never see another oral surgeon in my life other than Brian Fangman! Even the most painful with him is better than the best of the best from others. His level of care and attention is so professional yet personal at the same time. Dont go elsewhere! At both the Cherry Creek and LoDo locations,you can expect the best that his profession has to offer. He goes over all the many different options and explains what is best about each and works to fit in what you NEED WITH YOUR FINANCES. They also do their best at billing insurance instead of you, while not breaking any laws.And since being a repeat customer they have allowed me to pay what i have now,and the balance later once when i was in dire need and short on cash.And i have even recieved a check back once from them accidentally overcharging me,when my insurance paid more than expected! He even has worked with my current financial situation to give me a discount and on top of that only charge me for half his time and half the time being under anesthesia,and that has been a real life and wallet savior. His prices already being the least expensive around! Dont waste tour time shopping around. The level of care here is unprecedented as well as having the best prices in town ! While i have had so much pain and suffering having to do with my dental problems in my life,i have had an extreme fear of dentists and oral surgeons, all I needed was just a little bit of time and conversation with him and his wonderful office manager Stephanie to make a life-long aversion to oral work melt away,even so to the point that i walk into his office relaxed and with a smile on my face, knowing that I’m in the best of the best care, and that even having 5and 6 extractions done at one time will be less painful than having one done elsewhere. And I wake up from being under anesthesia with faint memories of him talking gently to me while he works and apologizing for any possible pain ,and him telling me hang in there buddy,just this last one! And this is the way he treats you when you are out cold under iv anesthesia! Ive had others be less polite while they were working on me just with local anesthesia and sometimes just when im in the office asking questions fully awake and aware! I honestly could go on and on about him ,his staff and his offices services, i digress, they are top notch and THE BEST IN THEIR FIELD! And i was a patient of Mrs.Hamidi before him as well, and while she was great and caring none compare to Dr.Fangman. Dont waste your time ,money or comfort level anywhere else. Start with the best, and get the best job done first. Ive never had any complications after any of the work ive had done with them. And would never consider going elsewhere! Thank you Dr.Fangman and Stephanie and all the techs for a job well done the first time, everytime!

    • Dr. Fangman says:

      We are so grateful for your thoughtful words. We are humbled that you feel comfortable to come to us and we take great pride in working with you. Thanks again LM, really appreciate your kind words. Talk to you soon.

  18. Dr. Fangman is without reservation the most competent and compassionate oral surgeon in our area. Beginning with the initial consult, it is apparent that he will do what is best for you as a patient, not what is easiest or financially lucrative for him. I’ve had two separate surgeries (extractions, sinus lift and bone replacement) with Dr. Fangman and on both occasions it was pain free; I healed very quickly with no complications. Needless to say, none of us want oral surgery, but if it is in your future, you will be well served if your choice of surgeon Dr. Fangman.

  19. I had an excellent experience with Dr. Fangman and his team. They did a superb job in every step of the way. They make you feel as comfortable as possible, with modern facilities and an awesome staff. Would definitely recommend. Top rated, A++. Keep up the awesome work guys.

  20. Dr. Fangman was an answer to a prayer! My family was visiting Denver when my son had a traumatic accident. Being from a dental family I knew only an oral surgeon would be able to sew him up right. Dr Fangman not only called me back, but took time out of his Sunday afternoon to meet us at his beautiful office. His kindness, generosity, and GREAT chair side manner was a blessing to my son and me! I can’t thank him enough! I am thinking all my Texas oral surgery patients need to visit Denver for their oral surgery needs. Denver is blessed to have such a great man representing the oral health care field!

    • Dr. Fangman says:

      JY, it was a pleasure to see you and your son. Thank you for your kind words. I wish you the very best and safe travels back home.

  21. My experience with Altitude Oral and Dr. Fangman has been awesome! I wasn’t looking forward to the surgery that I needed; but it needed to be done and the staff and Dr. Fangman put me at ease and handled me and my procedure with absolute professionalism, kindness and care. Dr. Fangman called me later the night of my surgery and was available for phone call questions afterwards. My dentist “loves” Dr. Fangman and I now know why! I’ll be having more work done in 2015 by Altitude Oral and Dr. Fangman and I feel very much at ease and confident that they will take great care of me again. I’m so glad that I met this fine team of Doctor and Professionals! Thanks :)

  22. Anonymous (privacy protection) says:

    The very thought of having a tooth extracted causes distress, but tranquility comes with competent hands. Having frightening dental experiences abroad many years ago, I was particularly terrified of the procedure, but Dr. Fangman could not have made it any easier. Understanding and compassionate in his procedure, the calm and confident communication put me absolutely at ease. The pleasant staff provided all the information I needed before I even asked. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this delightful team for any tooth extraction.

    • Dr. Fangman says:

      Thank you very much for your kind words, you have been a pleasure to work with. Thanks for complimenting my staff, they are great and I am blessed to have them on my team! Wish you the very best and let us know if you need anything else.

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